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An exciting adventure awaits players in Lootbox RPG, a classic dungeon crawler available for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. With its captivating gameplay mechanics, a growing selection of magical runes and spells, and unique features such as the zombie mode and crafting, Lootbox RPG offers an entertaining gaming experience without in-app purchases or advertising.

In Lootbox RPG, you take control of your brave character and embark on an epic journey through randomly generated dungeons and lovingly crafted maps full of surprises. Meanwhile, the game features 11 magical runes and over 40 spells that allow you to cast powerful magic and challenge your enemies in a variety of ways.

The unique "Zombie Mode" is another special feature of Lootbox RPG. In this mode, you can send your character into already explored dungeons and watch them defeat creatures, open treasure chests and disarm traps. What makes this mode so exciting is the fact that your character can also use prepared spells on their own. This makes "Grind for XP" a fun experience where you can improve your skills and master even greater challenges.

Another outstanding feature of Lootbox RPG is the built-in workbench. Here you can combine different items to create something new. For example, it is possible to combine a weapon with poison to cause additional damage over time with each hit. It is even reported that there is a mysterious essence that can be extracted from vampires to give weapons a special ability. These crafting options open up a wide range of strategic options for players and allow them to customise their equipment in unique ways.

Lootbox RPG offers a fair and engaging gaming experience without in-app purchases or ads. It focuses on providing players with hours of fun without annoying interruptions. With its varied gameplay, zombie mode and crafting system, Lootbox RPG is an absolute must for fans of dungeon crawlers and retro gaming.

Be ready to dive into the world of Lootbox RPG, improve your skills and face the challenges of the dungeon crawler. With 11 magical runes, over 40 spells, more than 300 items and over 120 enemies, as well as exciting features such as zombie mode and crafting, the game offers an immersive gaming experience that will keep you enthralled for hours.

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